[RESPONDED] AMD not posting after being off for a while

  • Which OS (Operating System)? Linux
  • Which release of your OS? Fedora
  • Which Framework laptop? AMD 13"

Frequently after leaving the laptop off for a while the laptop will not post:
Power light on, charge light solid amber, screen dark with no framework logo.

This seems to be happening with increasing frequency. I thought it might be related to having completely drained the battery, but I’ve reproduced the issue when the battery is charged past 50%, even 90% (as reported by the operating system after it finally boots).

Usually after leaving the laptop charging for a few minutes it will eventually post after repeated tries.

Could you elaborate and explain what “post” means in this case?

If you completely drain the battery it has to do memory training again which unfortunately takes extremely long with ddr5 amd laptops.

What’s going on when it’s not drained is a bit weirder though.

Does it not have a CMOS backup battery (CR2032 cell) ? That should keep the info for the DDR5 no?

The amd and I think some of the newer intels don’t have a cmos battery anymore, it may be possible to add one but I have not heard of anyone doing it.

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Yeah - even my old 33Mhz AMD Motherboard from ~1990 did have it …
Another question I ask myself - why are the CMOS settings not stored in a non volatile storage? Have a shunt to short to reset it to defaults would actually be enough.
That way, we won’t have these issues.

Pretty sure they are already, reset stuff if power gone does seem to be convention though.

Nah. Go down in orderly manner and save whatever data needs to be saved, is what is supposed to happen IMHO. If I want to reset my motherboard (Server) I have to short-circuit a specific Shunt.
The other way is Microsoft’s way - and that has never been a good solution.

What you’d like (and I don’t particularly disagree here) and what’s convention is unfortunately often not the same thing.

Not that anyone that isn’t amd and maybe to an extent insyde can do about it until opensil comes out since the memory training stuff is handled in the agesa.

On my AMD Board there is a slot under the right shroud for a 2 pin 3V CMOS battery.

If you completely drain the battery it has to do memory training again which unfortunately takes extremely long with ddr5 amd laptops.

Do you have to wait for a long time each and every time after a battery disconnection?. If so I really miss the days where most of the laptops have removable battery that doesn’t require opening the laptop to remove. The old laptop would power on within 5 seconds after battery insertion.

Yeah apparently you can but I have not heard of anyone that has done it

Can’t win them all I guess. The power bridge ting on the x260 was neat the amount of times I have actually needed it was quite low. And these days thanks to pd power banks I have a much more versatile alternative anyway.

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It’s likely related to the drained battery. Once powered on, it will go through memory training.

However, the fact that you are seeing this on a regular basis makes me wonder if the memory has completed memory training. I’d power it on, let it sit, then see if it repeats itself again after that.

My best guess as to what is happening is I’m letting the battery drain all the way, and then not waiting for the memory training to complete before resetting it. I don’t know if the memory training has to be done in one fell swoop or if it’s progressive. If it is progressive then I think the symptoms would match that diagnosis quite well since the cumulative up time while I wait for the thing to boot would eventually let it finish the process.

The reason the battery is charged up before it boots is because while I’m fiddling with it and rebooting it, it’s still charging. That’s my guess anyway.

It would be super swell if there was a blink code or some other messaging associated with the memory training so I knew it was happening and didn’t get frustrated staring at a blank screen for minutes and minutes.

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I’m sometimes struggling with a similar issue. While it does not seem to be battery related (it once happened when I just restarted the computer), the symptoms are the same: sometimes the computer will not post but will do after repeated tries. I have allowed it to attempt to boot for more than 20 minutes sometimes to no avail. Unfortunately Framework support has no solution for me which is quite disappointing, I thought they would have figured out this apparently not uncommon problem by now!

Have you noticed LED color blinking if you let it on after a while? I get an error code but because it is undocumented I cannot understand what it means. It usually takes a couple minutes before it appears so you have to monitor it carefully.

How many RAM sticks do you have and what are they? Do you happen to have only one? I am asking because I feel like the behavior became less frequent when I added my second stick, but with this sort of randomly-occurring bugs I may be imagining things.

Well, I’ve one on the way, I’ll report back after some testing.


Probably do the same. Once it’s here, I’ll check what I can put in.

This is happening to me too! Very annoying – I’ve reported to support multiple times, but they aren’t helpful. The documentation on memory training is extremely vague.