[RESPONDED] Bios 3.03 AMD UMA_Game_Optimized get reseted everytime the laptop ran out of battery

You know when you open your FW thinking it has been suspended but it fact the battery just ran out and there’s no more juice to power cycle the laptop ? On this very occasion, you need to plug in the charger then after few minutes you can start but … well you still have to wait this everlasting black screen hiding the memory training thing …
You can immediately go back to the bios because you won’t have the UMA_Game_Optimized selected anymore but instead the good -old- UMA_Auto instead.
All the other settings (at least those useful for me) does not seem to be reseted… I’ve catch only this one but some other might reset as well … You tell me !

Anyway, if the Framework team can fix this issue for the next release, I would really appreciate !

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Isn’t there an RTC battery that should keep the BIOS configuration?
Every motherboard has that. Even my old 386DX33MHz + Cyrix Arithmetic unit in my basement :slight_smile:

There isn’t one by default on the AMD and I think also on the newer intels, probably ptsd from the 11th gen rtc battery malarky XD

Well I guess this issue is not related to a battery. Even if the battery is dryed out there should always have enough juice to keep a least the BIOS configuration. I think that it is more related to a faulty BIOS that could potentialy be fixed later on.

Anyway … Waiting for Framework’s answer when they’re back from their vacations ! :blush:

Forgive me for asking an off topic question. Why does UMA_Auto not function like other AMD platforms such as the steam deck in that it automatically increases the uma buffer as demand is needed? On Steam Deck Auto is the only option and it works wonderfully.

Maybe the 13 needs some BIOS updates?

I might be wrong, but I believe that UMA_Auto does automatically allocate more RAM to the iGPU if it’s needed, but UMA_Game_Optimized simply hard allocated more RAM by default. If I remember, this is a workaround to older software (with games in particular) that would check the VRAM amount and refuse to launch if the minimum amount wasn’t found. These older programs wouldn’t realize that the computer would allocate more RAM to the iGPU when the program needed it.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I know from looking around the forums.

I don’t know the mecanism behind those two features but from many post, having UMA_Game_Optimized makes a weird issue on external monitor disappear or at least appear less often (gliches, flashings, white blocs etc). Plus, some games seems to prefer that option over the AUTO mode, and then you get more FPS or smoother experience.

Have you confirmed the issue on your side @Matt_Hartley ?

This is correct.

FW 13 AMD: Sounds like it is reverting back to an previously known state, as a fallback due to power drain. I can pass this along. I have not had any cause recently to completely drain my battery to 0%, so it’s not something I have experienced. If you can replicate this successfully, on purpose, confirming 100% this is what happened, I can raise this as an internal ticket.

Easy, on the evenig keep the battery of the FW13 low, then just before going bed, put the laptop on suspend. It will dries out over night. Then check the UMA setting after the memory training.
I did reproduced it many time before writing to the forum.