[RESPONDED] Cursor Jumping Backward While Typing on 11th Gen running Linux MATE

Most of the posts here seem to be about keyboard layout but has anyone experienced issues with the keyboard speed? I’m a touch typist and sometimes tend to type very rapidly.

On these occasions, I find weird things happening – like the cursor jumping backward in my paragraph or entry and typing the new letters in odd places. I have never experienced this phenomenon with any other computer I’ve bought or built.

This is an 11th Gen DIY that I just resurrected and updated to BIOS 3.17 Linux Mint MATE 21.1. It was behaving like this using BIOS 3.02 and Mint 20.1.

How many words per minute do you type / does it take to cause these issues?

Seems like this could be an issue with palm rejection- the trackpad being activated unintentionally?

Is this OS-wide or can you isolate it to a particular program? I’ve heard of such things happening on FireFox but I’m not sure of the specifics.

Confirming this is happening on Ubuntu 22.04 (GNOME) as well and is this happening on Wayland if comparing results on Ubuntu GNOME?

No, I don’t think so. I tend to keep my palms elevated with my elbows or forearm on the table for support.

It seems to be OS-wide but I haven’t done a lot of typing on applications other than Firefox. I was testing out my Mint install by visiting various community fora when i noticed this.