[RESPONDED] Spurious clicks while using touch pad

I’m having more and more issues with my touchpad. I don’t quite know when this started because I typically use my laptop when docked, but this is getting more and more noticeable when it isn’t, to the point where it’s irritating enough that I’m looking at fully mouse-less operation (which is something i try to do anyways)…

The symptoms are hard to describe clearly, but typically the problem is with spurious clicks: the desktop is registering clicks when I am not intending on clicking anything. Typing this, for example, I am always nervous that my thumb trips over the touchpad… So far, it hasn’t done so in this session, oddly enough, but I’ve seen pretty bad patterns where it would click randomly on the page, and even select text areas which is pretty catastrophic as then the next thing you type destroys whatever it is that was selected.

I’ve also seen scrolling fail miserably. Just now I was browsing through my Nextcloud calendar listing and couldn’t scroll down (with a two-fingers gesture) without having NC open an even randomly, thinking that i clicked the even while I was just scrolling.

Is the touchpad defective? Or would this be a software problem?

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  • OS: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (“bookworm”)
  • Laptop: 12th gen intel
  • Desktop: Sway/custom desktop

I have a similar experience with my touchpad feeling to sensitive to my thumbs while typing on linux. I do have “disable while typing” enabled in hyprland but frankly it feels like it makes no difference.

Given the limitations of configuration options for libinput when using wayland/ hyprland I’m not certain what and how to test at all. From past research it feels a lot like software limitations.

see just now the touchpad just completely stopped working for a few seconds, it would just not move the mouse cursor at all.

On bookworm do check with evtest and choose touchpad see if touch and clicks registers no problem.

Also check with Ubuntu 22.04 live to see if issue is alswo visible their or not.

cheers! :slight_smile: