[RESPONDED/DM] CPU throttles to base clock after 40 s of load (Pop!_OS)

I have an Framework Laptop with i7-1165G7 and Pop!_OS 22.04 installed. Recently I noticed that under sustained load (e.g. Blender Benchmark) the CPU would initially have high clock speeds but after around 40 s throttle to 2.8 GHz (its base clock).

As per my monitoring the CPU is set to performance mode and doesn’t overheat.
Even while boosting package power stays always below 30 W (the official PL1 that Framework) configured. Whats odd is that my PL1 reading says 200 W. The 200 W PL1 reading is confirmed by the value inside the model specific registers or other tools like CoreFreq. I never observed the CPU go above 30 W or anywhere near the PL2 of 64 W.

Initially the CPU would boost to higher frequencies until it reaches 30 W package power.

Initial CPU behaviour:

CPU behaviour after 40s till the end

After several web searches I still don’t have a clue whats wrong or what could explain the behavior.

Is this normal behavior under Linux?
Is it possible to keep the CPU boosting above base clock indefinitely like on Windows?

It is not expected behavior. You might want to reachout out to support or PM @Matt_Hartley. He is the linux support lead and used to work for system_76.