[RESPONDED] Enable S3 Sleep?

I’m using the latest OpenBSD 7.5 which doesn’t seem to support S0 Sleep. Is it possible to enable S3 somehow? I couldn’t find anything on the BIOS. If not, is it something planned for the future?


AMD no longer supports S3 Sleep, so it is likely that it either can’t be enabled or would require a hacky workaround (which Framework typically doesn’t do).

Intel has also dropped official support for S3 Sleep, so switching to Intel processors wouldn’t allow an officially supported way. (Although IIRC Intel didn’t actually drop S3 support for a couple generations after official support was dropped, so S3 works on Intel based Framework laptops, but it is not officially supported)

Even if it is possible, I doubt Framework will enable a feature that isn’t officially supported by AMD/Intel in order to improve compatibility with an OS that isn’t officially supported by Framework.

Also, since most modern computers don’t support S3 sleep the OS should really be updated to not need S3 sleep.


Echoing Kyle above on all points.

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