[RESPONDED] Fedora 39/40 Beta - Gnome 45/46 Dual Monitor Window Positioning Issue

This is more likely a Gnome issue, but I wanted to sanity check.

Given the below configuration, i.e. monitor 2 above monitor 1 what I am calling non-native or GTK3? Gnome windows will insist on opening on monitor 2.

When the monitors are configured to be side by side the window’s open on on monitor 1.

Example apps that do this are the Chrome profile selection window and Signal.

I don’t know if these are Xorg apps or GTK3 or what, any pointers would be nice.

Had to read this a couple of times, but now I get it. Sounds like you want to control which display a window opens up on. But, even you go from side by side displays, to over and under, the behavior changes. Am I close?

If so, in Xorg, you could adjust application launchers to prefer a display by setting it manually. Wayland however, is different. Not something I have focused much with, but there are likely some Focus GNOME extensions that will do what you want potencially.

I can confirm that Steam as “non-GTK” window will open on the external monitor if it is positioned above or left of internal display and on internal display otherwise. On the other hand GTK windows e.g. Files/Nautilus always open on internal display regardless of positioning.

I’m on Arch Kernel 6.8.1 + Gnome 46 (wayland).

The gnome-tweaks app has a Windows → Center New Windows toggle that might affect this.

You might also want to look for GNOME shell extensions like this one.

Unfortunately neither of the above work, thank you for the suggestion.

I’ve the exact same thing as the above.

This reads like a genuine Gnome issue, I’m struggling to find where the best place to raise/work out if th bug already exists might be, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Somewhere under GNOME · GitLab or thereabouts?