[RESPONDED] Fedora 39 - Switch Pro Controller only works on first pair

Running Fedora 39 on Ryzen 7, my controller is actually the 8bitdo pro 2 which has a switch on the back which essentially makes it 4 separate bluetooth devices with different profiles and drivers in some cases. While in the XInput mode the controller will disconnect and reconnect fine, but in the Switch Pro Controller mode it will pair and work fine immediately, but after disconnecting and reconnecting there is no joystick device seen by any application. The bluetooth settings reports the controller is connected. The only thing I can do is unpair the controller and add a new device all over again.

Hi @Seth_Merkley , welcome to the community.

Best bet is going to be to monitor your logs, see if they indicate anything useful.

In real time, everything:
journalctl -f

Just bluetooth events in real time:

journalctl -f -u bluetooth

I’d also try managing the connection using bluetoothctl vs the GUI, you may see more detail there.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I just got around today to monitoring bluetooth events while I pair the controller, the only message I get is when pairing:

profiles/input/device.c:ioctl_is_connected() Can't get HIDP connection info

No other messages when trying to disconnect/reconnect.

At this stage, we’ll want to run down my list for Bluetooth. Note, the guide is primarily targeting headset users. But most of it will still apply.