[RESPONDED] Fedora 40 - GNOME Night Light Not Working

Hey all, I recently upgraded to the Fedora 40 beta from my Fedora 39 install on my Framework Laptop 16. So far, everything’s been working great (to include VRR) with the sole exception of Night Light not shifting the colors. It did work prior to my upgrade and I did try applying a color profile to the display to resolve the problem, but that failed to do anything.

Not sure if this is a bug with GNOME 46 on the Framework Laptop 16 specifically or if it’s a bug with my machine, but it’s something I wanted to report given that’s the entire purpose of the beta.

12 Apr Update: @knipp30 found a thread with GNOME/mutter that has been tracking this problem as Fedora/Red Hat have suggested we report this problem to them. If you are also having this problem, please report it here.

23 Apr Update: Problem appears to have been fixed following the official release of Fedora 40.

Have you tried toggling the options under Settings → Color? Once every long while I’ve needed to do that to restore night light behavior.

I recommend opening a bug with Fedora as well.

FWIW, can confirm that I also cannot set night light on F40 as well.

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That’s the fix I attempted. I found this discussion and attempted that, and had no luck.

Darn, okay, appreciate the update. Please file a bug with the Fedora team. Please remember that bug report are important as this is not yet released, but will be soon. So having these details are helpful.

@the9thdude if you dont know how to file a bug - i can go ahead and file it.

Can you do me a favor and just test and see if night light works on external monitors?


Bug filed:

Appreciate you filing the bug report, I just plugged in my Laptop 16 to my TV over HDMI and Night Light was working as expected on the TV.

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The fedora team may force me to figure out how to submit one to gnome - but we will see what they say.

I dont have a backup of Fedora 39 - if you do, do you mind testing it there?

I do not, unfortunately. I’d throw it on my spare NVMe drive, but I already have a Windows install on it.

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Just an update, after a lot of searching (there are a TON of bugs for this on the Gnome side)

I found the bug that seems to be the most relevant to this issue:

I updated this issue with my information and use-case.

As I have found this issue, and it seems this is not soley a Fedora issue, I am closing the RHBZ that was opened.

I do recommend you create a gnome gitlab account and update the above link with your information as well.

Also, just a request on my end - could you edit your first post to add this link to it? That should increase visibility and hopefully get others to comment on the issue to bring attention to the Gnome team.


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FWIW I just upgraded an 11gen Intel FW 13 to Fedora 40. Couldn’t reproduce any problem with night light. This laptop had an external display connected through a HDMI expansion card. Both displays adjust to night light, including while toggling it on/off.

Edit: This is on the default Wayland GNOME session.

Update following the official Fedora 40 release: it appears to have been resolved and night light is working properly.

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Confirmed fixed for me as well!