[RESPONDED] Framework 16 Davinci resolve gpu not processing mode

I’ve just installed Davinci Resolve and I’ve been running into this error. I haven’t found any solid solutions to and I’m a little worried that DaVinci just doesn’t support the 7700s. Has anyone have a similar problem or even a fix to it?

Hello, no problem here on my F16. The 7700s is detected and Adrenalin switches the main gpu for display anytime I launch Davinci Resolve (19 beta 2 studio version)

Renders are also taking advantages of the GPU and it’s quite fast. For now my only complain is that the fan speeds are quite exaggerated compared to the low temps. Hopping for some custom fan curves available soon.

Edit : I forgot to mention that I’m on Windows 11 and maybe you were only interested on linux feedback.

Well its good that your works with windows, tells me it not DaVinci haha. Maybe im missing something with openGL

The absolutely easiest, least frustrating way to make this software work is going to be distrobox.

I have done this before in Bazzite and Bluefin. But the above link will work in whatever distro you are using. Yes, on FW 16, using this method, it will see the GPU.

Great news, i got it to work, thanks for all the help!
Turns out i was missing a dependencies for the amd gpu. If anyone else is having the same issue here the command line i put in

Sudo dnf install rocm-opencl

Now it works perfectly

I’m running Windows 11 on my Framework 16, and have the newest Driver Bundle installed with the RX 7700S GPU. I ran into the problem of DaVinci not being able to initialize the GPU when using DaVinci 17 and 18. DaVinci 16 works. So, that’s a work-around, but I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to get DaVinci 17 or 18 working. Could it be some setting in the AMD Adrenalin Software?