[RESPONDED] Framework laptop no longer draws power over USB when powered on

I had a Framework laptop 11 and just swapped out the motherboard for a 13. It’s been working fine for the past week, but suddenly the power management went haywire. Now when it’s plugged in the amber light comes on but the battery won’t charge.

I’ve tried all the different ports, swapped out the charger, swapped out the cable, opened it up and unplugged the battery for 15 minutes. None of it has helped. It does charge if I turn off the computer, which suggests to me it’s a software issue, but I haven’t found anything which looks like it’s a fix.

Update: it no longer charges if I turn off the computer.

Do you have another charger and/or charger cable?

Yes, and I have tried both.

Will it boot if you connect a charger and disconnect the battery? I remember in one of the newsletters (that I can’t find) they mentioned something about odd behavior without a battery though.

Probably worth reaching out to Framework support.

I did that. They’re all off on a company retreat.

I’m trying to drain the battery completely and see if it’ll charge then. I’ll try this afterwards.

I would think that would do more harm than good. Reason for testing without a battery is that if it works fine without it, it could just be something with the battery. Draining a battery low puts stress on it and could make matters ‘worse’.

Several people describing the problem I’m having say that draining the battery to 0 and charging from there resets it and fixes the problem.

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Sorry, I somehow missed that you said you tried other chargers and cables in your first post.

Have you tried plugging the charger cable directly into any of the ports on the mainboard (instead of using an expansion card)? Probably wouldn’t make a difference. Just a thought.

Just tried it. The white light turns on when it’s plugged in, but nothing happens when I hit the power button.

This is potentially a dumb question but it needs to be asked… what charger/cable are you using?

My old Dell XPS you could charge with a crappy USB-C phone charger, sure. It’d take a day and a half, sure, but the moment you turned it on there wasn’t enough charge to actually charge the battery because consumption was higher.

It’s a Baseus GaN3 Pro 4 Ports Desktop Charger 100W and the USB cable is rated to 100W. And it was capable of charging the laptop fully in about an hour yesterday.

FWIW, it’s charging again, sort of. Every 10 minutes or so it stops charging and the amber light flickers on and off for about a minute before it starts charging again. Something’s really wrong.

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Incidentally, this is what it’s doing. More or less constantly, now; it was most stable during the morning.

This needs to be a Framework support contact, as you will need hardware support.

I submitted one before I posted on the forums. I’m waiting to hear back.

Hope it’s not melted chip