[RESPONDED] KDE Plasma/KCalc calculator problem with 6 key


I have a very strange behavior with the KDE Plasma calculator applet as well as with the Kcalc program.
I am running Fedora 39 / KDE on a Framework AMD 7640 laptop computer with a US international keyboard.
Using the keyboard of the laptop, I can type any key (including the 6) with other programs (Firefox, Libreoffice apps, Speedcrunch calculator, terminal…) without any issue.
With Kcalc and the Plasma applet calculator, I can type any number but the 6 key is not registered.
It is working well if I use an USB external keyboard.
Is someone else having this issue as well ? This is very strange.

That is odd. If it was consistently wrong throughout applications, we’d be able to file a bug internally. However in my own testing before we shipped, we tested the key output and like you experienced, they worked correctly in docs, terminal, etc.

This feels like a bug worthy of a bug report. I took the liberty of checking and it appears that kcalc has a few open bugs, some of which may be related.

Worth filing your own bug report reflecting the steps taken and the differences with the internal keyboard behavior plus that of USB keyboard behavior.

Normally you would run xev to read a live stream of events observed by X server. But now Fedora runs on Wayland, and Wayland does not permit this kind of global event reading ! Wayland is more secure. Hotkeys are handled by the compositor on Wayland, I believe. But I don’t think Kwin is relevant here.

I would make a bug report as suggested above - troubleshooting user input on Wayland is quite difficult for the reason I outlined earlier.

If you want a drop-in replacement, Qalculate! exists in Fedora repos and uses the Qt framework like the rest of KDE. It’s also much, much more powerful. I think it has widgets too.

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I have opened a bug: 479548 – Problem with key 6

I had again this same bug in another software. This time, it is in Sweethome3D, when I want to modify the size of furnitures.
Also, in Sweethome3D, when I type 2 times the key 6, it is displaying ^. If I type 6 and e, it will display ê. It is working as a dead key even if it should not.

OK, the problem was with the deadkeys keymaps.
If I select English/US (international with altgr deadkey), it is working fine.