[RESPONDED] Secure Boot not shown?

hello, I recently received my framework laptop and am looking to install Linux, however the option for secure boot is not available in my bios menu. I boot up the system, press f2, go to setup utility, but under security there is no option to disable secure boot. the only options are:

  • trEE protocol version
  • TPM availability
  • TPM Operation
  • Clear TPM
  • Supervisor password
  • storage password
  • I/O interface
  • Chassis intrusion detection

Anyone happen to know how I can disable secure boot? thanks!

Not sure, but most Linux distributions work with secure boot enabled. Are you sure you need to disable it?

i’ve seen the same thing here. from what i can tell there is no secure boot option in the BIOS that has shipped with the 13th gen laptops. the thing is i need it disabled so i can install Kali. ive run around the whole BIOS trying to find it but its just not there, maybe and oversight on Framework’s part? hopefully they bring out a new BIOS soon to fix this.

On 13th Gen:
This also assumes you’re NOT dual-booting with Windows.

  • Boot to splash screen for Framework, tapping F2 rapidly.

  • Arrow key to Administer Secure Boot, press enter.

  • If Secure Boot Status is Enabled in the list, Arrow down to Enforce Secure Boot, enter key, choose Disabled, enter key.

  • Still on this screen, arrow down to Erase all Secure Boot Settings. Enter key, choose Enabled, enter key.

  • Press F10.

It’s now disabled.


For Intel 13th Gen, secure boot is enabled by default. (Thanks Microsoft.) To disable it, access the Administer Secure Boot panel from the BIOS root screen before attempting to boot an unsigned image. Otherwise, the content of the Administer Secure Boot panel is blocked when a secure boot fails.

If you get the message blocking Administer Secure Boot, then power off and try again. When powering on, either press F2 before the BIOS attempts to load an image, or power on with no OS image attached.

Unfortunately the BIOS is configured for no delay before attempting to load an OS image.

See pictures in EFI USB Device has been blocked by the current security policy - #6 by Vortico.

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