[RESPONDED] Shipping and reprocessing fees on returns - how much?

i’m considering returning my laptop, within the initial 30 day window - my question to folks who did it:

how much was deducted for “the original and return shipping and any reprocessing fees”?

i asked this multiple times in emails to support, but i received no answer yet. :frowning:

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That’s sad to hear!

I havent seen any information on here regarding this issue and I doubt many people did so. I doubt even more that these people would have an account in the forums ans visit here regulary to answer you.

So maybe not the answer you are looking for, but I think there is none to give to you.

Its probably very depending on the circumstances. You should rather ask with how much you are supposed to return.

Btw. I hope your issues will get fixed out.

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Hi @user36,

We’re caught up on responses and are responding within 1 business day. When did you submit your tickets?

There is no return shipping or restocking fee as we provide a prepaid label. As long as you return everything that was purchased, and nothing is damaged, you will receive a full refund.

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hi @TheTwistgibber,

i asked this originally on Mar 31 in the request i submitted via the web Service Request Form, and in 3 follow up emails with tech support since then (on Apr 3, Apr 5, and Apr 7).

thank you for your response, i appreciate it!

Hi @user36,

I see your tickets, but there’s definitely some issues in email transmission in your sends.

The first email, which we responded to promptly, just said, “hi EJ,”. The next couple in which you attached screenshots of what you had previously sent were responded to with troubleshooting steps and then provided you the knowledgebase article link regarding return processing located HERE.

We’re still waiting on a response from you confirming that we are proceeding with the return and refund. If you could please respond on the thread, we’ll go ahead and proceed with the return process.

Thank you.