[RESPONDED]TuxedOS in framework laptop? kde desktop based distro?

I will receive my framework laptop in Q4 as I ordered it with the ryzen 7040 series and I wanted to use a ubuntu/kde based system. up to my knowledge, there are 3, ‘big’ ones.
kubuntu is based in a newer ubuntu vr, but older kde desktop
kde neon, is based in an older ubuntu vr, but newer kde desktop
tuxedos is based in a newer ubuntu and kde desktop
therefore I was going to go with the latter, but wanted to get some input from other users. or other recommendations? (ubuntu/kde based)
thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:
can not wait to get the laptop!

Hi @franco_otaola ,

Best to run the distro live first, to test the waters, you’d find first hand if it has issues or none.
which ubuntu version is it based on by the way?

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Thank you for your kind answer,
Up to what I know (it is not easy to find the information, it is based on ubuntu 22.04 LTS with some modifications and updates) but couldn’t find it clear.

Alright cool, right off the the bat, I would check if sound works, video acceleration, wireless,

see to it that you wifi doesn’t just drop you randomly, no hanging with normal day to day desktop use.

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Not Ubuntu based, but I have been very happy with EndeavourOS, which is Arch based. Plasma aka KDE) is a desktop environment option in the graphical installer. Endeavour + Plasma + X11 had been my fault driver for almost 3 years now.

thanks @Loell_Framework I will keep in mind this when I receive my machine, hope it goes well!
@D.H thanks for your insight, for the moment I will stay on the realm of ubuntu based distros, for a beginner is the best approach. maybe in the future I will go with other distros for more experienced users. but at least ti is good to know! :slight_smile: