[RESPONDED] Ubuntu 22.04 LTS sluggish on live medium

Just wanted to mention this here.

Support asked me to reproduce an issue on this distro, but it’s sluggish as hell and unbearably buggy.

My issue is with the webcam, and Cheese on the live session wouldn’t even be able to save stills in the ~/Pictures/Webcam folder (empty).

It would also crash while trying to save a video recording, and the preview is not smooth at all.

I ended up giving up and booting a Fedora 39 Workstation live medium, which worked flawlessly, and is MUCH snappier. Ubuntu live feels like I’m running a Pentium 2 with 64MB of RAM, seriously.

I wonder if this experience is shared, and if so, would advise the FW support team to recommend reproducing issues with Fedora live mediums (since it’s also an officially supported distro, IIRC, and works miles better).

Could it be the USB drive? do you have other machines to boot the drive for comparison?

I’m sure it’s not the USB drive, it’s a Sandisk 64GB that I use exclusively with Ventory and it’s got a bunch of live distros on it. Only on Ubuntu it’s so sluggish, go figure :frowning:

I suspect the Ubuntu live image you used has older GPU firmware and it’s running with unaccelerated graphics as a result. If you install and run updates I would expect an improvement.

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