[RESPONDED][Ubuntu 22.04] Screen freezes using dash to dock when waking the framework 13 from sleep

Hello everybody,
I am using a framework 13 AMD with ubuntu 22.03 without any problems so far. The only thing is that when I wake up the laptop from sleep the screen freezes and I am not able to do anything except logging out (or turning off the laptop) which instead solves the issue.
I think the issue might be related to the gnome extension dash to dock as these issues arose after adding it to the system.

This is what I see when I wake up the system after booting up:

If it helps this are the specifications of the system:

  • Framework 13 AMD 7840U
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Kernel 6.5.0 1023 oem
  • Display manager: Wayland

Thank you guys in advance for any help. This is not a big issue but anyway I was wondering how to fix it.

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Hi @Riccardo_Enrico ,

Welcome to the community, could it be a bug on that particular gnome extension?
what version of dash to dock extension and where did you get the extension from?

cheers! :slight_smile:

If you suspect that extension, try disabling it and seeing if the problem occurs again, if it doesn’t, then it means the version are using is bugged, etc.

It is all subjective, but I can tell you that dash to panel works wonderfully, but I do not have an AMD mainboard.