Strange issue with usb-A card connectivity

Hi all, I am having this very strange issue with my Usb-a card. It only works when I plug it into my usb-c card, but not when I plug it directly into the laptop. Its not a port issue, this is the same across all ports, and its probably not a OS level issue, it behaves the same before it loads the OS. it also works when I plug it into another laptop. however, it still does not work on my drawing tablet and mouse when I try on my framework laptop, no matter how I plug it in. These devices are known good. I can’t load from live usb unless I plug the usb-A card into the usb-C card.

this is on an 11th gen laptop, I have had it awhile, I don’t know what bios version because its been so long since I updated it. I don’t know what event would have made this happen, I only noticed it because recently my drawing tablet would stop working, and then would I stop drawing, and it would work later without doing anything. now, its just not working. it sort of half works, when I plug it in, the indicator light lights up for split second, then goes dark, and sometimes a usb stick behaves the same way. I can’t figure this out. I think a bios update could fix this, but I’m not really comfortable doing that right now because of how unreliable the connection is.

I would absolutely update to the newest bios as a first step of troubleshooting. You can do that without the USB-A adapter, since you are worried about reliability.