[RESPONDED] USB-C Expansion Port doesn't show when selecting '13th gen compatibility'

While this is technically a question, it is probably more of a suggestion. I was recently browsing the website, planning a possible upgrade to the 13th gen intel mainboard. I saw this nifty feature on the website that allows a user to choose a ‘Compatible with’ option, so naturally, I chose the 13th gen intel. However, when I was looking at the expansion card options, the USB-C card wasn’t showing up. I unchecked the 13th gen compatibility, and the card appeared, which makes me assume there is an incorrect classification of that expansion card, or for some reason that card isn’t compatible (which would be quite silly).

Has anyone else seen this, or is it only occurring on my end?

It would make sense that this is a bug on the website. The USB-C cards are just pass-through cards, so there really isn’t a reason they would not be compatible. Hopefully someone at Framework sees this and can get it fixed.

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This is a bug/oversight that will get fixed. We’ve escalated it to our Marketplace Engineering team for review and resolution.

Thanks for the report!