[RESPONDED] Why doesn't Framework share their roadmap for countries?


So we all know, that Framework does not ship to xyz countries, I am currently in a country which is not serviced with my Framework laptop.

I wanna buy some stuff, for e.g. the stronger 4kg hinges, expansion cards, but since I moved to a country where I am unable to get service I have to wait till Framework start’s business here.

Framework does not support freight-forwarding and as I’ve heard they are actively trying to cancel orders to forwarding companies. Which I don’t agree with, since it’s my choice to void the warranty if I want to, but nevermind, it’s also Frameworks product, even if this is a bad service experience.

And of course, I could buy the accessories to another country where for e.g. my friends live and just pick them up sometime later, but it’s not that easy, since I have to go there first.

But here lies my problem, since Framework does not share due to “privacy” concerns their roadmap, we are completely blind.
If I were to know, that yes, Framework plans on coming to xyz country within 2024-2025, I’d know, that waiting is more beneficial than just buying it at a friends place and carry the accessories with me to my current home country, when I go there (even if I void the warranty with it).

Why is Framework being so private about their roadmap? Probably there are hundreds of people, who just throw away the warranty and risk a freight-forwarding, just because they don’t know about how much is left till Framework sells to their country as well.

Me included, I dunno when will I be able to get accessories in this country. But I know, that now that I have a Laptop, and moved to this country with my laptop, it’s either “the wait game” or “the risk game”.
And if Framework does not start selling here within the next 1.5 years, even if Framework doesn’t like it, I’d rather risk the warranty.

So, please Framework, if you answer, do not answer with “Due to privacy” or with any other similarly bad answer. Let us know whether you wanna still keep your customers in the blind (which is a terrible service I must say), or just help us, even if your roadmap says “Excepted by 2028”. A roadmap for countries will not hurt you, rather help you in being able to provide actual customer service for those, who are waiting for their laptops.
This secrecy is what’s (probably) hurting your business, not the other way around, just look at all the people who risked the warranty due to your secrecy and now they regret it.

You are not releasing your laptops in 5+ countries / each month, you are way too slow for that, you are doing a few countries each year, so some might have to wait 5 years, during which time they still need a laptop, even if it’s not a Framework. But if they buy something that lasts 5 years and Framework gets dropped there as well, they will not buy Framework right then. But if they know that Framework will probably be released in 1.5 years, they might be able to just deal with their current laptop, which may not be that great.


Because the timing is not up to Framework, it’s up to the various customs and other agencies in each country. Some are cooperative, some are not. Many do not want any publicity connected with the negotiations so as not to be named and shamed and any publicity may adversely affect future negotiations.

Also the goal of some of these agencies is to keep companies out, not let them in, so they actively draw out negotiations or promise access then delay it at the last minute. This makes publishing roadmaps impossible.


This exactly correct. Closing the thread out as this has been answered.