Return policy for DIY Edition individual parts

Can Framework’s 30 day return policy be used to return individual parts of the DIY Edition?

I would guess the answer is no, but you could always send a message to support to see if it is possible. Why are you looking to return specific parts? If you have any issues with parts, you should contact support to get replacements, but if you are looking to save money by returning only parts of the laptop, it might be better to return the whole thing and simply buy the parts you need off the Marketplace.

By “parts”, I think the OP meant items like SSD, RAM, expansion cards. Or is the question as crazy as it sounds?

I’m asking because I’m considering effectively choosing a different mainboard and RAM configuration than I originally ordered, but I won’t want to return the entire laptop and wait for the next batch if instead I can simply return mainboard/RAM and order replacements from the marketplace. Anyway, I’ll contact support about it.

This really is a Framework Support question. There’s logic to what you’re asking for…but there’s additional risk / complexity when it comes to board swap.

I think this was asked previously.

The laptop is built and there will be no changes to it, so yes you can buy parts to upgrade but I see no reason that Framework would want second hand parts back.

Apart from the parts requiring testing again in Taiwan presumably, the cost of getting them to any market place, the warranty.

It sounds like a mess that seems unviable.

So . . .

Taiwan, I thought this was an am company and the were built in the US?

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Nearly all chips that are the basis come from Taiwan, Memory and Screen are probably from S Korea etc. battery maybe Japan . . .

Then it’s assembled in Taiwan and shipped to the US, the EU and the UK etc.

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You can take the mainboard out and sell it on the forum while buying the config you wanted on the market.

That’s probably the only other way to go then sending the laptop back. :grimacing:

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