Review of FW Skin Suppliers?

Before I received my FWAMD13 laptop I had asked the community about skins & was referred to 2 of the 3 creators listed here. But neither of those companies had a skin with the depth of color offered by Armorsuit. I’m wondering if that was due to a poor experience from users or just due to an oversight. I’d like to order from Armorsuit but community reviews are important to me. Can anyone offer a review based on personal experience with Armorsuit?

What do you mean by depth of color?

All of the companies - Dbrand, Armorsuit, etc - are simply cutting adhesive vinyl from 3M. Odds are you’ll have a similar experience with any of them.

Well, one of the companies offered a color called Sunset red which appeared more pinkish to me and the other one didn’t offer a fully red skin at all. Just one with patterns & other images that appeared quiet ‘busy’ imo

Perhaps but I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t seek out opinions from previous purchasers if they’re available.

I’ve had a bad experience with dbrand customer support, mostly due to their unfortunate unprofessional attitude that is very annoying when they’re at fault and somehow proud of it? :confused:


i also never understood why dbrands’ attitude with customers is aggressive & rude

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