Right Speaker Not Working. Problem with Speaker or Audio Board?

My right speaker is not working while my left speaker is. I can specifically test my left speaker, but when I run the same test, the right speaker doesn’t do anything. Because of this, I’m assuming it’s a hardware problem. Any ideas on whether or not I should buy a replacement speaker or an audio board kit? Is there any test that I can perform that would make it so I know it’s a problem with the one or the other?

Before you go buying one, I’d send a message over to support though the web form here. If it’s a hardware fault they’d likely send you a new one for free. You could also try unplugging and replugging the speakers if you’re comfortable opening it up. Step 9 in this guide is what you need for that.

another note, the audio board kit is for the 3.5mm jack, and as far as I know does not control the speakers in any way.

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