RMA Process

Has anyone done any RMA process type things? Wondering what I’m in for here or if I’m missing something.

I’ve contacted support, and they’re responding (once so far), but it’s like a day or two for each message, this feels like it really could take a while. There’s no other option I’m missing is there except the website form (which then goes to email I guess) for support?

One of my RAM modules is bad. I’d kind of like to know if I’m going to be sending the whole thing back (in which case I should probably not bother setting up the OS any more) or if they’re just going to send out a new pair of RAM modules or what.

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They will most definitely send you a new pair/stick of ram.

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Yep, looks like I’m doing an RMA with Crucial is apparently how it works (most likely because I did the DIY). Makes sense, but I did not think about that, heh.

Pretty smooth support process really.

Hi Joshua, apologies for the slowness this week. Each time we push out a batch of emails and shipments (Batch 3 emails this week), we get an enormous flood of inbound requests for order, shipment, and billing modifications that slow down our response times. We’re scaling up our support team and building up our self-serve knowledge base as a permanent solution to this.

Here’s a KB article I just wrote on RMA replacement for memory and storage: Warranty Replacement and RMA process for retail memory and storage


No problem at all, I was just being impatient. Support was quite helpful.

Thank you, yeah that’s a useful KB note to have. I did not even consider that I could just do Crucial’s RMA thing.

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