RMA Process

Has anyone done any RMA process type things? Wondering what I’m in for here or if I’m missing something.

I’ve contacted support, and they’re responding (once so far), but it’s like a day or two for each message, this feels like it really could take a while. There’s no other option I’m missing is there except the website form (which then goes to email I guess) for support?

One of my RAM modules is bad. I’d kind of like to know if I’m going to be sending the whole thing back (in which case I should probably not bother setting up the OS any more) or if they’re just going to send out a new pair of RAM modules or what.

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They will most definitely send you a new pair/stick of ram.

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Yep, looks like I’m doing an RMA with Crucial is apparently how it works (most likely because I did the DIY). Makes sense, but I did not think about that, heh.

Pretty smooth support process really.

Hi Joshua, apologies for the slowness this week. Each time we push out a batch of emails and shipments (Batch 3 emails this week), we get an enormous flood of inbound requests for order, shipment, and billing modifications that slow down our response times. We’re scaling up our support team and building up our self-serve knowledge base as a permanent solution to this.

Here’s a KB article I just wrote on RMA replacement for memory and storage: Warranty Replacement and RMA process for retail memory and storage


No problem at all, I was just being impatient. Support was quite helpful.

Thank you, yeah that’s a useful KB note to have. I did not even consider that I could just do Crucial’s RMA thing.

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Finally initiated my Crucial RMA.

The bad part is, it says I have to ship both of the memory modules back, via slow shipping, then after they receive and process them, they’ll work on sending me a new pair :confused:

Oh well, I guess can’t be helped.

Yeah, this Crucial RMA process really sucks. I’d really recommend anyone not buy RAM with their DIY system and just get it elsewhere.

I have to pay shipping looks like both ways, it sounds like I’ll probably get refurb replacements, I have to be without both modules even though only one is bad which totally screws me over in terms of actually using the machine, etc.

I didn’t buy my RAM through Crucial, I bought it through Framework. No way should I have to pay for RMA both ways with them. Framework sold it to me, Framework is the legal entity that is responsible for replacing my bad Crucial 16g stick.


Just as I feared. Crucial told me to take a walk and will NOT accept an RMA.

Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:08:18 PM): Hello, you are chatting with Shashank, how can I help you?
Me (1/21/2022, 12:09:04 PM): I have a defective 16g Crucial RAM stick I need to RMA. Can’t figure out how to enter the required info
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:09:34 PM): Do not worry Nicholas, I will help you with the RMA details.
Me (1/21/2022, 12:09:46 PM): tks
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:09:57 PM): Could you please help me with the part number along with area zip code?
Me (1/21/2022, 12:10:26 PM): I’m looking at the chip, not sure what info to give you
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:10:41 PM): I need the part number starting with CT or BL.
Me (1/21/2022, 12:11:09 PM): CT16G45FRA32a
Me (1/21/2022, 12:11:33 PM): 11211
Me (1/21/2022, 12:12:14 PM): G4s
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:12:50 PM): Could you please confirm the part number once again?
Me (1/21/2022, 12:13:15 PM): ct16g4sfra32a
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:16:19 PM): Thank you.
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:16:46 PM): Could you please confirm the reason for returning the item for replacement?
Me (1/21/2022, 12:19:53 PM): Bought it with Framework laptop… I ran memtest and they did too. Got errors on this module
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:21:41 PM): As I understand, the RAM was preinstalled on laptop.
Is that correct?
Me (1/21/2022, 12:21:56 PM): Yes
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:22:45 PM): Nicholas, I would like to inform you that, the warranty replacement is not given for pre-installed items.
Me (1/21/2022, 12:24:03 PM): Let me rephrae. Framework sells you a laptop, It is configurable by you. The module in question was shipped along with the laptop, but installed by me as that is the design of this particular laptop. Framework says it is your module, they just resold it
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:26:01 PM): Yes, the module that is sold along with the laptop or a system doesn’t quality for warranty replacement from Crucial.
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:26:30 PM): However, we can try to help you with basic troubleshooting for an issue with the RAM.
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:27:49 PM): qualify***
Me (1/21/2022, 12:27:56 PM): That is not the information that Framework provides on how to get a replacement RAM when a module is defective. The Framework laptop is designed so that everything is replaceable, including the motherboard is that is an issue
Me (1/21/2022, 12:29:03 PM): I ran Windows 10 MemTest, and 2 other memory test software. Framework tested it at their end and said it was bad
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:29:48 PM): I see.
Me (1/21/2022, 12:35:19 PM): Warranty Replacement and RMA process for retail memory and storage
Me (1/21/2022, 12:37:59 PM): Empty Module 1: DDR4, 16384 MB, 64-bit, 3200 MHz Controller1-ChannelA-DIMM0 BANK 0 Crucial Technology CT16G4SFRA32A.M16FRS 0.000: Detecting usable memory (16167 MB theoretical max)… 15.969: 14784 MB Test starting on 8 CPUs… 15.984: Allocating memory… 25.813: Starting loop 1 25.828: Stuck Address Test… 30.516: Random Data Test… 35.359: Move Data Test… 37.063: Bitpattern Test… 187.016: Starting loop 2 187.031: Stuck Address Test… 192.219: Random Data Test… 200.781: Move Data Test… 202.719: Bitpattern Test… 355.297: Starting loop 3 355.297: Stuck Address Test… 359.844: Random Data Test… 365.781: Move Data Test… 367.484: Bitpattern Test… 378.656: Error at 77C1FC0 397.688: Test finished with 1 errors
Me (1/21/2022, 12:38:42 PM): I ran that test multiple times and once for 20 iterations
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:39:24 PM): Okay, I have checked with our internal team, and as per them you should contact the store from where you bought the computer, as per Crucial standard replacement policy only direct purchased/sold items qualify for replacement.
Me (1/21/2022, 12:39:42 PM): I appreciate your help.
Shashank S (1/21/2022, 12:40:02 PM) Thank You

I ended up having to write mine off, my bad RAM chip. There wasn’t enough time I could be without a usable machine and crucial refused to cross-ship.

Sounds like I would have wasted my time anyway since they would have rejected it? Interesting.

Pretty disappointed in that particular part of the process. I still love my Framework, but it’s definitely disappointing having half the RAM I wanted.


Yes, most disappointing. Framework is working with me and Crucial. I bit the bullet and bought a second 16g stick from Framework (a dupe of the original Crucial chip). It works just fine. I hope to get a good replacement from someone. The silver lining? IF I do get it, THEN I shall have 32g of RAM. Up to now, it has been a learning experience with Framework. I’ve had a bad motherboard and a bad RAM stick, but they have been good about working with me to get this fine little laptop up and running. Figure they’re new and need to get the glitches out of their process.

My guess would be that Framework needs to rethink their policy with Crucial and/or find another supplier that is more reasonable.