Rollback AMD drivers


I’ve install the latest BIOS and AMD drivers from Framework for my AMD 7840u 13. I then (perhaps stupidly) installed the latest drivers from AMD directly. Currently, I’m having issues with the laptop losing significant battery when asleep.

Is there a way to rollback drivers to the Framework recommended ones?

Also here is a suggestion from Perplexity regarding the System Power Report:

Based on the provided sleep study report, it appears your laptop is losing significant battery charge while in sleep mode due to network connectivity waking the system frequently. A few key observations:

1. The report shows several "Screen Off" sessions where the system was prevented from entering a deep sleep state. The "Top Blockers" section indicates "Activators" as the main blocker, specifically the Windows Notification Service (WNS).

2. WNS is likely waking the system frequently to check for notifications, updates, emails etc. Even with the screen off, this prevents the laptop from reaching the lowest power states and drains the battery.

3. The DRIPS (Deepest Runtime Idle Platform State) histogram shows very short idle periods, mostly under 1 second. Ideally, the system should be spending extended periods (30+ seconds) in the deepest idle states to conserve battery. The short idle periods indicate something is constantly waking the system.

4. The "Energy Estimation" section attributes significant energy consumption to the WiFi adapter. This aligns with the theory that network activity is preventing sleep.

In summary, it appears network connectivity, likely driven by Windows services checking for updates and notifications, is preventing your laptop from sustaining a low-power sleep state, resulting in higher than expected battery drain. 

Some potential remedies to investigate:

- Disable wake-on-LAN and wake timers for your network adapter 
- Use Airplane mode when putting the laptop to sleep
- Adjust Windows Update settings to reduce automatic checks
- Disable background apps that sync frequently

However, this seems to be a known issue with the Modern Standby sleep implementation in recent Windows versions. Microsoft may need to provide further optimizations and controls to prevent unwanted network wake activity during sleep mode. Disabling sleep entirely and using Hibernate or Shutdown instead can work around the issue for now.

Any further ideas based on the above?


You can just rerun the driver bundle and it’ll install the Framework specific ones. Alternatively, you can just extract the ones you want from it and run those.

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Thanks! Will try this.