Screen not working on brand new laptop

Hi all,

I got my (self build) laptop on Thursday 30th May.
As instructed , I installed the bezel and connected the keyboard.
Closed the lid to turn it over to do the screws up and felt resistance. Opened the lid again and realised the bezel had got stuck in the bottom left corner and suffered some minor damage so I removed it. (See image).

I messaged Framework support before I continued, to enquire how to get a replacement bezel, but have not heard back from them yet ( I know they are busy).

I thought I would continue the setup without the bezel for now, but it seems as though the screen is not powering on? I get the power light on, but no indication that the screen is working, and no Caps Lock light on the keyboard.

Firstly, is there a number to call or a chat facility to get support from framework and to report this issue.
Secondly, does anyone have any sensible idea how I resolve the screen issue?

Thank you.
Embarrassed in UK.

Sorry there is no chat facility.

Apart from official support, and it’s the weekend, the forum is the way to go.

Please detail the setup etc. so other can see the procedure without having to ask lots of questions. same for official support -give them every detail of what you did, else they will ask etc.

RAM | OS | WiFi | Expansion card you have inserted. etc. etc. . . .

notably, there must be some RAM installed and working in order for the display to work. Depending on the type of RAM you have (DDR 4 or DDR 5), this may involve some training for the CPU to learn how to correctly use the RAM.

Sorry, omitted this info at the start.

Base model: Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series)

Installed 32Gb (2 x 16Gb) DDR5 5200MHz Ram
1 x 1Tb WD Black SN7770 NVMe SSD (All Brand New from

At this point I had no expansion cards in, but now have USB-C, USB-A, HDMI and Micro card reader installed.

Then I started with the bezel.

I am receiving no audible error sounds (actually, no sounds at all)

No OS installed yet due to screen not working.

Okay, the AMD Ryzen uses DDR5, so training is required. Populate one slot only and try again. Let it sit for a couple minutes after switching it on and see what happens. It should try to boot then (and be much faster afterwards). If it hasn’t shown any sign of life after ten minutes, put the RAM into the second slot and try again. Some people on the FW16 that also uses a Ryzen CPU have had to try it this way. Once it did work once, populate the second slot.

The expansion cards shouldn’t matter.

That’s the right hand slot [0] :slight_smile:

Ok. So I have tried taking the RAM out and installing just one module at a time.
I have done this on both the right hand slot (Slot 0?) and the left hand slot, but I still cannot get the laptop to do anything.
There is ONLY the power light on. Caps Lock does not light up when pressed.
Other than that, there is NO indication that the laptop is working at all.
This is all very disappointing.

Have you watched for the POST lights on the side? You’ll see various colours flash (green/red, orange, green/blue). If you see this, tell us the sequence. We might be able to work out what could be wrong from that.

My FW13 AMD that I got last week had an issue with RAM slot 0, so they’re replacing the mainboard for it. Support was really quick and I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for your reply.

No POST lights at all. :frowning: