Screen physically misaligned?

I noticed a slight misalignment in my display a couple of days ago. It doesn’t seem to align perfectly with the bezel; specifically, the right side of the display appears slightly higher than the left side. I apologize if it’s not as noticeable in the picture as it is in reality. While it’s not a significant issue for me, I’m curious if others have experienced a similar misalignment or if I might have made an error during the assembly process?

My screen looks perfectly centered inside the bezel (AMD 13 DIY, red bezel). In your case, can you determine if the problem is that the screen itself is misaligned, or is the bezel simply not applied perfectly? I think the latter option is way more likely.

Just got mine yesterday, and my screen is definitely misaligned. I see much more of the black part of the screen that doesn’t light up, on the left hand side. The right is quite skinny.

My Trackpad is also not properly flat and I get a significant drop/ridge on the bottom left.
The screen is way less annoying than the trackpad.