Strange Screen issues

Hi everyone,

I just got my laptop today, and I’m having this issue with my screen where parts of it are really dark compared to other parts of the screen. This is mostly in the center of the screen and the sides of the screen. It seems to also have issues when I stand the screen at a direct 90 degree angle to the keyboard, where the center of the screen will get really dark.

I’ve included pictures as best as I can to illustrate the problem. In two of them, you’ll see my mouse is significantly darker in the corner of the screen in one shot than in another spot in the next shot.

Anyone else having this issue?

Link to Imgur album of the issues.

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I never had this issue on mine. Have you tried a different distro to see if it’s that one causing the issue? I’d contact support. Framework quite possibly has the best support team I’ve ever seen since they responded quickly and gave every single step to fix one of my issues and even setup a free order with replacement parts.

You could try unplugging the display cable on both ends (display and motherboard) and seeing if there’s any damage or anything and clean the contacts with some isopropyl alcohol then plug it back in.


I haven’t tried a different distro, since I noticed it even before I installed Mint. one of the support team members reached out after I did sent out a support request, and they recommended the same thing you did. If I have to, I’ll try to set up getting some replacement parts.

Will see where things lead to!

@Kay could you also try carefully removing the bezel using the guide here and checking if that changes the behavior: Bezel Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

@nrp I have tried that, as well as the steps recommended in the support email chain. No improvement.

edit: I should also note that I am having issues with my trackpad as well. Sometimes when I start up the laptop, the mouse will not respond to the trackpad inputs.