September/Batch 3 Thread

This is what happened to me, and I’m rather disappointed. My $1800 laptop just became a $2000 laptop overnight. Not being given the real price until the last minute is unacceptable, on top of the fact that this nonsense has added an extra week delay to my order.

Just checked my card and no additional charges; taxes were added properly. FedEx has changed my delivery date from Friday to Monday :frowning: but that’s not unusual.

Has anyone had duties tacked on for Canadian shipments (on delivery)?

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The first time they try to charge me, it was without tax and the bank block it for an unrelated reason.
3 days later, the payment went trough and i did notice than the amount charge was different. I look at both invoice and then concluded than the difference were due to the taxes.

BTW, my framework finally ship last night and is due to arrived on Monday.
When they said it was shipping in September, it didn’t mean that it necessarily arrive in September…

I did not, it should be included in your invoice with FW

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Whoo, mine arrived last night which honestly surprised me. I’m loving it except for one thing, the glossy screen which attracts dust like crazy. I’m gonna order a matte screen protector but other than that it’s perfect.

I’m running Solus Linux with Budgie and so far it’s running flawlessly except the initial setup. I had to manually enable fractional scaling by putting xrandr --output eDP-1 --scale '1.25x1.25' in my ~/.xprofile after setting display scaling to 200% in the settings panel and install and configure TLP.

I also had an issue with the fan sounding like a bumblebee but scrubbed it with a toothbrush while it was running which fixed the noise issue without breaking the fan.

Battery life is pretty good, getting about 7 hours after properly setting up TLP. Still in the process of tuning it since the audio driver seems to be taking up a lot of power for some reason which I’m trying to find a way to fix.

Overall, the laptop feels very premium and is quite possibly the best laptop I put my hands on.


Its Here!

I am happy to announce that I have received and successfully set up my Framework DIY laptop!



  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (Download)
  • WiFi: Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 vPro®
  • Memory: 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200
  • Storage: 1TB - WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™


  • Bezel: Black
  • Keyboard: US English

Expansion Cards

  • 1 HDMI
  • 4 USB-C
  • 1 MicroSD
  • 2 USB-A
  • 1 DP


  • Framework Screwdriver
  • Power Adapter - US/Canada


Shipping Preparations:
Shipping Soon & Billed:

Thoughts & Comments

Thoughts & Comments

I was blessed with the financial ability to select the top tier components for my DIY Edition which allowed me to be able to slide into batch 3 before they sold out. Because of this I did not have to wait nearly as long a lot of people ( ~21 Days start to finish). In that time I have grown to love this community (especially this “support group” :laughing:) and build anticipation for my laptop. TBH waiting for it to come in would have been WAY less fun and exciting without the community.

The two issues I had throughout the process were:

  1. A little less communication during the shipping soon/billing notification than I would have liked.

  2. Dealing with FedEx who is probably the worst parcel service out there ranking even below USPS In my opinion (see This Forum).

Besides that, the process while a little long was great thanks to all of you and the hard work the Framework team put into this product and company. The packaging was also amazingly all sustainable products. There was only one piece of plastic from Framework and that was the little shipping air bags and then some plastic parts they did not package themselves.

The build process and was super simple while following their guide. The only tricky part is the Wi-Fi Module. The only problems i encountered were with Microsoft and were resolved after some tinkering.

I’m currently running through and installing my applications and setting up my preferences so I have not gotten chance to do any major testing but so far so good!

Thank you Community, and thank you Framwork!


I can attest to that. The screen is VERY glossy. I emailed photodon for an update on their matte protectors and I’ll update if they reply with good news.


@computerhac , People are buying this one for the time being:


@Ris Congrats! Mine just got to the forwarder service today after being delayed two days by fedex so hopefully I’ll have it by next week if all goes smoothly.


Mine is currently sitting on a vehicle waiting to get delivered should get it by tonight without any delays luckily!


Thanks I did see this on the other article. I was hoping to purchase the US made one from Photodon.

I did receive word back from sales. they are unsure when the sku will be available and the person in charge of that is out of the office today. They said the quickest way would be to order a custom one with dimensions 285.5mmx190.5mm.

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Thanks! It’s really great! I’m still fine tuning it and customizing it but I love it so far. I’m looking for accessories now.

I’m excited for you to get yours! It’s a great machine and so easy to maintain. Hopefully you have little to no delays!

Says FedEx delivered to my freight forwarder; and now the waiting game begins.


Got mine yesterday but couldn’t set it up till last night because of work and can’t wait to use it as my daily driver!

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WooHOO! I got mine in yesterday! The build quality is amazing! It’s so much lighter than I was expecting, although, I was coming from a 15" Dell Latitude.
I had been looking around on and off for about a year for a new laptop.
Thank you so much Framework for creating the exact laptop didn’t know I wanted! Also, big thanks to Linus Tech Tips. As soon as his first Framework review I watched back in July finished playing, I placed my pre-order.


Hi everyone! I just got my laptop on Friday (2 days ago) and I haven’t been able to get it set up until today. I took it out of the box and noticed the the lid has machine scratches. Has anyone else’s laptop come out like that?

Delivery had been moved to tomorrow from this past Friday, but came while I was away with the family. Got back today and my 10-year old and I put it together (that’s him seating the memory).

and 25 minutes, Ubuntu Budgie booting up flawlessly.

My son got to identify where everything went (with all the handy labels inside) and helped every step of the way, right up to clicking the ports in.

As others have found, finish is even better than expected, it’s sturdy, lightweight, great keyboard and trackpad.

Now onto getting fingerprint and sleep fixes in place, and we’re good to go!

Got mine today, two days earlier than I thought. Aside from FedEx launching it at my door, it’s AWESOME!


@Matthew_Finnie I’m sure skipping those few steps saved him a ton of time. :roll_eyes:

Hope it took the landing in stride!

@Matthew_Finnie FedEx w h a t :eyes: