Several drivers not installed

Hi everyone,

in theory I ordered a DIY edition, but it came pretty much assembled. I only had to install RAM and SSD.

So the computer seems to be fully functional hardware-wise. But after installing Windows 11 there are several devices for which no appropriate drivers were installed. The thing I mostly recognize that is the touchpad which doesn’t support right-click or scrolling.

The thing is: I have installed the driver package that has been mentioned on the forums.

When trying to install the BIOS upgrade I receive a weird error message very early: “This platform does not support IHISI interface.”
Maybe a consecutive error of the missing drivers.

Does anybody habe an idea?

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You’ve downloaded the wrong generation packages.

This is the page you should have been on:

Pay specific attention to any mention of 11th or 12th gen.

…and search, please search. For example:


True and to the point.

Works fine now. Thanks a lot!


Mir wurde gesagt man brauchen nicht das Touchpad treiber denn es ist vom typ I2C. Was ist passiert wenn du tue niche haben installieren das treiber? Tut es funktioniert einwandfrei?

why was this machine-translated to german?

Google translate version follows …

technically I wrote it in german, because I saw his screenshot and his system is german, so I thought it would be more convenient for him.

Maybe I should have done that …

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Very observant of you, I completely missed that earlier today; I first read this thread about 7 or 8 hours ago.

Your post had me baffled until now. :smile:

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Sorry, I didnt mean it as an offense. I was just confused.

I appreciate the effort of trying German :slight_smile:

But English is fine. I just didn’t bother changing the display language for the screenshot as I think the icons on it are sufficiently self-explanatory even without German skills.

But to answer your questions: Before installing the right driver package the touchpad’s right click and scrolling didn’t work in my case.

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