Shipping, compare and contrast

I got a FW16 in batch two. I got notification that my card had been charged on a Monday, woke up Tuesday with a shipping notification and an estimated delivery of Thursday, followed the tracking to see my package go from Taiwan to ATL via Alaska, all by the end of the day. And then woke up on Wednesday to an email alert telling me to expect delivery by the end of the day. I had my FW16 by noon on Wednesday, a day earlier than estimated, with my laptop traveling across the globe in basically one day.

Contrast. I purchased a second USB-A module the day after my FW16 arrived. The package started its journey to me from NJ on February 23. I still don’t have it. Tracking shows that it made it to the ATL area by about February 25, but ever since it has just been bouncing from distribution center to distribution center. So it took a couple of days to get within 30 miles of me, but USPS can’t make that last step.

Obviously this is now a FW problem. This is squarely on the good ol’ USPS. I’m not in desperate need for the module so now I’m sort of curious to see how long the post office can take to get the package to me. I’m beginning to feel like they never will. I think it is going to end up being returned to sender because they evidently cannot find my town.

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I’m waiting on my Ryzen 5, it also went on a journey from Taiwan to Philipines to China to France to Germany in basically little over 24h

It even made it to Germany so I thought I might get it that day and within 2 days of shipping

…Suddenly its back in France going through customs again(?) Ready to be imported a second time…

Fedex doesn’t seem much better here

Ugh. I’ve never had a good experience with FedEx except for my FW16. Your experience is what I usually get from FedEx. Or I’m home all day waiting on my delivery when I get an text notification saying that they attempted delivery and nobody was home.

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I’ve had that multiple times.

Years ago (probably 15 years ago) I was waiting on a part that was sent overnight so I could get a piece of equipment at a fire station back online. I was sitting near the door, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Eventually, I got the notice that they “attempted” delivery. Luckily, I was able to arrange to pick it up at like 8:00 PM at the customer service center at the local distribution center. I don’t think they even offer that option any more.

Hey! Our laptops appear to have been on the same plane!
I live in Cologne and it appeared to be so close… And then it left again.

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I’m near Frankfurt and mine seems to have gone back to Cologne yesterday, hopefully it moves in the right direction this time around😂

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I finally got my package this past Monday. I guess the USPS finally found my town.