Delivery to Germany while on Vacation

Hey, a quick search didn’t turn up anything, so I hope someone will be able to help me out:
Since I obviously didn’t know when the Framework Laptop would arrive when pre-ordering it last year, it might unfortunately fall in the 1.5 week period me and my partner are on vacation away from home. We don’t know anyone in our town / building well enough to accept the laptop for us (yet, we basically just moved in and yes, the shipping address framework has for me is up to date). Does anyone know it Fed-Ex (or whoever handles the shipping in Germany) will hold the package for 1.5 weeks in case it would arrive on the first 1-2 days of your vacation? Or should I just redirect it to a friend in another city now just to be safe?
I’m in batch 9, got my heads up email on April 5th and the card has not been charged yet.

Thanks in advance and Cheers

Found on this help site, they will keep it only for 5 days at a shop. But you can also tell them your vacation time and they deliver it after you returned home.

Thanks a lot, I don’t know why I didn’t think of checking this question with fed-ex directly… ^^ This looks like it will work, so I’m no longer worried. I’ll look into this.

You do not need to have fedex. Framework does not disclose who are the shipping partners in Europe (which tbh sucks).

It seems to be FedEx as well, this guy from batch 8 also lives in Germany:

While I don’t know about other European countries, for me the whole delivery to Germany was done by Fedex

I have seen multiple germans reporting FedEx so I assumed it will probably be FedEx for all deliveries to germany, even though I know it’s not guaranteed.
I solved the problem differently now, by changing the delivery address (my card has not been charged yet) to a friends house in a different city. I will come through there on my way back from vacation, so I’ll be able to pick it up. Seems less stressful since someone trusted will be able to accept the delivery.
Thanks still :slight_smile:

Framework ships all laptop orders via FedEx, regardless of the region. If FedEx is contracting out last-mile delivery, that’s on them, not Framework.

Really? So why does the order page state that there are various couriers?

I believe that applies to marketplace orders, but not laptop orders, as they ship from different places. I will check with the team to clarify.