Shipping Forwarder

I have decided to get a framework laptop but need to decide on shipping forwarder, does anyone have any suggested company’s that have been good?


We strongly recommend that you please wait for our official international release so that we can deliver the appropriate level of support. We do not officially support any countries/regions other than the United States, Canada, Germany, France and the UK at this time and if you proceed with utilizing a freight forwarder, we will be unable to support the product should something go wrong hardware-wise, nor will we be able to address any VAT or Customs issues that may arise. If you decide to proceed, you are acknowledging that Framework is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of not utilizing a direct shipping route to a supported country/region, and that you are fully accountable for any additional costs incurred, or documentation required.

We appreciate your interest in Framework and please know that we’re working as quickly as we can to expand official support to more countries/regions.


All good already have a frame work laptop and i love it.