Frustrated and feeling Helpless

I was so excited to hear that my diy framework laptop somehow was delivered early by FedEx on Mon 8/30.

I visit the UPS store location/address today only to find out that it was signed by no one who works there and that they never recieved such a package.

I call Fedex and file a missing package report. My report number and tracking number are available to anyone Framework staff member who wants to help me…

I also need framework support to file a fedex claim on my behalf as the claim form cannot be submitted on the Fedex webpage without a phone # of either Framework Computer Inc or the NJ shipper they use.

Was anticipating the laptop for so long; now anxiously waiting for a status update from Fedex (up to 5 days before they declare a packagd lost), unable to file a damage claim alone, out 1000ish USD from my pocket, and no laptop to play with today…

Why did you go to a UPS store to pick up a FedEx package?

In any case the quickest communication channel is to contact support if you haven’t already done so.

Because that was the shipping address I provided. I use UPS personal mailbox services for all of my packages and mail.


Hi Aduviel, sorry to hear that. Could you submit this to the Framework Support team here, and we’ll take care of this as quickly as we can: Framework | Support


Hi Mr. Patel,

I’ve submitted my request to framework support via email. If you need any further details, I can also PM you; let me know.

Thanks for the response.


Sorry, I have no where else to rant about this (also still waiting on Framework’s support response to my email)… but you can verify from your end that my phone number ends in ******1968?

According to the Fedex Rep I talked to on the phone, somehow the NJ shipper put in a completely different number starting with 415 and ending in 3-something-27 or 67 (couldn’t hear clearly due to the accent).

Please tell me this was just a mistake and has nothing to do with someone seeing my last name and giving me some sort of “special” treatment during this pandemic (i.e. reps/staff have misspelled my name, last name, and shipping info several times on Amazon, online stores, etc whether by accident or maliciously).

Had I not found out that the NJ shipper gave the wrong phone number to Fedex; even if the tracking department recovered the package or got some status update on the lost package; if Fedex attempted to notify me, I would never get their call…

Any explanation via the same email I sent would be great…

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@Aduviel The shipper (Framework) can contact Fedex about all this on your behalf, all hope is not lost yet :slight_smile: Not only can they submit the lost package claim (ridiculous that the recipient can’t do it, I’ve been there), but they should be able to find out the delivery status/issues/communicate with Fedex to get them in touch with you.

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The number we have on the package is currently the Framework company phone number.

As Marcus noted, we’ll be able to set things right from our side on this.


I have had this same problem wherein my Framework package is still lost. I wrote to Framework support but they have been slow to respond and expect the customer to chase Fedex for the non-delivery instead. As they wrote to me in response to my loss complaint: “it’s common to contact Fedex directly in the case of missed/lost shipments as they sometimes have specific questions regarding location or additional details on the drop off. However, it’s no problem for us to open the investigation on our end.” As Marcus has already pointed out that only the shipper (Framework) has the ability to follow up, yet it is inexplicable that Framework expects the (non-)recipient to do so.

Further more, Caveat Emptor, all buyers should beware the delivery liability situation that Fedex has clealy stated in their Proof of Delivery response: “Our records indicate this package has been delivered. If a FedEx delivery signature option is not selected, FedEx may deliver to a residential address without obtaining a signature. FedEx does not accept liability for loss or damage due to releasing such packages.”
Not sure why Framework is not requiring clearer delivery confirmation - this means that a buyer does not have much recourse with following up with Fedex as they can simply deliver to whatever address and they have no liability.
Hoping that Framework will step up in resolving this as after a week of reporting package non-delivery, there has been zero progress - it’s such a shame that this has gotten off to a bad start

Yup, Framework needs to work on their FedEX relationship or use another. Not that there is a better one. I have a currently “lost” package, being delivered to a UPS store, that Framework appears unable (or at least so slow that it is going to cost both of us money) to deal with. I am going to charge it back on Tuesday if they don’t fix it, even texted reddit staff moderators, gone through support, etc.

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