Shipping Warning

Today I found out that FedEx won’t deliver to PO Boxes, despite there not being any issue with specifying that as the address in the order form, nor with FedEx who created the label and brought the laptop all the way from New Jersey, only to have it refused during the delivery attempt.

Just a warning for anyone else who is thinking of shipping to a PO Box. I’ve already submitted my support request to framework, fingers crossed.

FedEx and UPS have never been able to deliver to a USPS box.

They generally can to a company that provides mailing and box services.

And yet the package managed to make it across the country to an address that is clearly a post office box without raising any flags in their system.

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FedEx is literally worse than USPS. That’s a hard thing to do but I’ve heard and have had almost nothing but horror stories, inaccurate tracking, and delayed or missing deliveries. Thankfully with the framework laptop I only dealt with inaccurate tracking and delays. Ive never had problems with UPS but I’ve never had a PO Box so I haven’t had to deal with that.

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I prefer using a PO Box whenever possible to avoid package theft from things being left at the door, and to make sure that things that require a signature are accepted if no one is around to sign for it.

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If your PO box is set up with Street Address (or whatever the hell it’s called), FedEx will or should deliver. That’s how I get nearly all my packages, including the Framework. If you just say PO box 123, Somewhere, USA then they don’t like that.

It’s been so long since we set up that box that I don’t recall what the USPS calls it, but the result is that you give a street address for the post office with a unit number for the box, and places that say they don’t deliver to PO boxes magically can. You need to make sure to give the ZIP code for the surrounding area, not the post office box ZIP code, or else some systems will catch on, too.

I know it’s too late for your shipment, but maybe something to check into for the future.

@N.P. is correct. If the address looks like an apartment number, what they will do is bring it to the front desk for delivery. In this case it is just the postal worker in the building.

Really sorry that it didn’t work out for you. I hope that you are able to get it quickly resolved. I TOTALLY understand your desire to use a PO box.


I’ve received FedEx and UPS packages at my PO Box. You just need to specify the proper street address of your post office. Ask them for what address to specify. In my case the address is different from my local post office where my box is. Delivery to a PO Box does mean at least one extra day vs. what FedEx or UPS says it will be because they are delivering to the Post Office.