Slow Wifi speeds

I just got my Framework laptop for about 2 months and so far, it’s worked without any issues. However, I’ve been noticing that my Wifi speeds are slow. I am using a TP Link Archer A7 that’s only about 10 months old and I am only getting about 20 mbps. My ipad that sits right next to it get about 70 mbps (expected is about 100 mbps per my IPS). If I get closer to the router than I get my expected speeds but what is making me scratch my head is that my ipad is getting better speeds at the same distances. I would expect the antenna on a laptop would be better, and I don’t know if my antenna or Wifi card is defective or it’s just the way it is and I can’t do anything about it.

not necessarily. Optimum antenna size is mathematically derived from the frequency and ‘bigger’ doesn’t really improve anything. Optimum wifi antenna length is iirc around 2 inches (too early in the morning to work through the maths)

Check to make sure you’re on the 5Ghz channel on the laptop. You can also use free programs to scan for wifi networks around you to select the most appropriate channel. If you’re unsure of what I just said that’s ok. I would check out the small network builders forum or the network videos from Linus Tech Tips.