SNACK: Sd cards, Notes, Appitizers, Cash, and Keepsakes. A Drawer Expansion Card

As I mentioned in “What new Expansion Card types do you want to see released” a tiny drawer would be a great addition to the expansion card family. So. I made it. Lo and behold!

If you would like to purchase one (or more) or the model files, I am selling them through my 3D printing website: Buy here!

Update: If you placed an order before August 26 at 2:15 pm Pacific time (21:15UTC), your order may not have gone through. I’m still learning how to use the webfrom plugin for my website and neglected to write in my own address so that I could see the entries. I apologize for the inconvenience and will understand if you decide to change your mind about ordering. If you do wish to still order, please resubmit your order. Thank you.

  • Printed Drawer: $3 +shipping (US & CA only)
    –Fits right into any of the expansion card slots on your Framework laptop!
    – Available in Black, Blue, Blue-Gray, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Silver, White, or any other reasonably priced PLA that you can find (there will be a delay if I need to buy another color spool).
  • Model Files: .stl, .3mf (both model and prusa slicer project), and .f3z: $8




why would I purchase a closed source model for a open source principle laptop smh, just kidding tho, its a fun idea!


I feel like this is only a half joke. I’m not charging much for the model I think the ~6-7 hours I spent is worth $10 to someone. I did consider, and might still be considering, releasing the files. I’m not sure yet, but thought that closed source would be safer for now as I am unsure.

Plus, it was an incentive to get my butt moving on making this if I might get something out of it besides the drawer itself.

There probably is a better way to design the latching mechanism. My two tabs were a pain to get to the working state they are in now. I’d be happy to discus the ideas and concepts of the design openly.


HOLY SHIT the meme came true


It was no meme. I seriously wanted a drawer!


BEAUTIFUL, make some changes and you have a drawer card.

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That’s amazing. Hahahah

I think if you market the snack drawer in different colors you will appeal to a greater portion of the community.

I can visualize mints, jelly beans or other small candies.

Food for thought:

Blue is actually unappetizing to most people.


Blue is probably what he had for the 3D printer :stuck_out_tongue:

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He’s a mad genius! Good place to store multiple SD cards for my camera :smiley:


I do have many colors available (and any color that you can find in PLA that isn’t super expensive upon request too). I list that on my website. I don’t know the extent that posts here can be advertising.

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What changes do you suggest? It prints well, isn’t flimsy, and locks into any of the expansion card slots.

On second thought, $10 might be a little much. I’ve reduced the model files to $8 and the printed drawer to $3 (plus shipping which should be cheap for such small prints).

Ahem, well since the Framework Marketplace is not up yet, I would not worry about it.


amazing lol, emergency snack drawer

if I bought one I would put a picture of chucky or something just to scare anyone who actually opens it


FYI your website is not letting both be selected (radio buttons instead of check boxes)

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Thanks, I’ve updated the original post to be more advertise-y (plus fixed those huge images).

Whoops. Thank you for catching that! I just fixed it.

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A silly part of me finds myself thinking one could fit a lot of micro SD cards in a little drawer like that.