[SOLVED] Batch 3 placment even though I placed the order during Batch 1

I placed the order in batch 1, sometime later I saw batch 2 option for some time ( batch 1 was sold out ), sometime later I refresh and see batch 2 has sold out, I’m like “wow people really want this”.

I just received a confirmation email about my order ( this is after the delayed confirmations earlier ) and now it’s saying I’m in batch 3?

Probably due to selling through batches so fast. Something didn’t keep up.
They said it was “the fastest we’ve ever sold out of Batch 1 of pre-orders.”

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I’ve still got the window open from where batch 2 wasn’t sold out (only showing batch1,2 and 3 ) and this tab was opened sometime after I placed my order and then in another window later ( forgot about the previous window ), I still saw batch 2 but I also saw batch 4 and 5 were added, refreshed sometime after that and that’s when batch 2 was sold out, not long after was when I got the email confirmation of the pre-order

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Some orders got errors caused by the high load on the systems, which caused some of them to be erroneously bumped to different batches. Framework is working to fix the batch placement.

No need to contact support unless you placed multiple orders thinking the first one did not go through.


I’ve just checked and now see that it’s updated to batch 1



I had the same issue. Placed 2 orders with my professionnal card that leads to an error right after the bank verification.
The third one was paid with another personal card that pass all the verification. I received first the email confirmation of the third order then 30 and 35 minutes later the 2 email of the first two orders.
Of course the 2 first orders were on the 2nd batch at that time and have been updated to the first one since.
So now I have 3 preorder on the first batch.

I pre-ordered this morning under batch 1 and now I see it moved to batch 5, I opened a support case to have this corrected before I saw this thread.

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I’m batch 5. I’ll trade ya.

If you contact support they can cancel the duplicate orders for you.

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I know, thanks and I will if I’m not keeping all the preorders for my colleagues.

I went from a batch 1 order placement to batch 5 when now I was moved to batch 6 what is going on I had to open another support ticket and hope this will be corrected