[SOLVED] Broken Lid Sensor?

For some reason I cannot trigger the lid sensor in my 12th Gen DIY Edition laptop. I’ve tried several distros, but none of them seem to recognize the lid closing. I’ve tried using evtest and journalctl to look for these events, but they never appear. Is my lid sensor broken? Or am I missing something on the software side of things?

Thank you!

The lid sensor is on a subassembly along with the headphone jack, and not on the mainboard itself. There’s a chance that it may not have been connected properly. You may want to check…

  1. Does the headphone jack work?
  2. Are both ends of the ribbon cable connecting the subassembly seated properly?

After opening the laptop and re-seating both ends of the connector, the lid sensor works great :slight_smile: The headphone jack did work before I did this, though.

Thank you!


Glad to hear this is resolved.