[SOLVED] Dbrand ship times

Ordered a framework top and keyboard deck skin on 1/1/22. Today is 1/17/22 with no shipment or reply from CS.

Then after finally shipping, I get the joy of waiting for customs from Canada to create an even longer delay. Customs delay was incorrect, see update below.

Just a word of caution if ship time is important to you

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Ii noticed this too. just ordered a pastel black skin set. I visited their reddit page yesterday and saw that they are currently a week behind in customer inquiries / service requests, and running 8-9 days from order to shipment on all orders.

Yes the website says up to 9 business days also, so I knew it wasn’t super speedy. But today is 12. I just figure they need to update the honest shipping times so people have real expectations. If it’s 3 weeks then put 3 weeks.

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Update: Ordered skin on 1/1/22, shipped 1/19/22, delivered 1/21/22 (13 business days to ship). At least I did not not have the long customs delay I imagined, it came from NY state. Packaging was sturdy.

I got the Pastel Black top skin and Matrix keyboard deck skin. Both look and feel great! Not the easiest experience to get everything lined up OCD perfect, but worth the effort. Especially enjoy the grippy feel of the Matrix texture beneath my wrists/palms when typing.