[SOLVED] Debian 11, Gen12th : Wifi working?

Hi, I just started to install Debian 11.4 (with netinst+non free firmware on a USB key) and I cannot load the intel wifi driver:

Any clues because I thought the wifi board was supported on kernel 5.10?

It’s working with testing (bookworm?) installer and the non-free firmware package on a USB stick

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That’s something with the new debian release I think. For some reason I can’t get wifi working on my pi nor my surface on debian 11 via gnome UI at all. Only by changing the wpasupplicant config can i get wifi but nothing shows up about being connected in control center or the system menu either.

Like you said it works fine when you connect on the live environment, must be some weird dependency / driver thing?

(On my pi)

Also on testing with non-free packages, can anyone help?

Finally I installed stable debian 11 with a usb ethernet adapter and then installed the kernel from experimental (5.19.0-trunk-amd64) and wifi works, even bluetooth.

Oooh! That’s really smart, might have to try that later.

Looks like everything I need is working now!

I switch PS2 emulation off in the bios to get proper gesture/right-click working with the trackpad.

Now I need to figure out why the brightness keys are not working and I’m good to go.

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@Julien you might have the same problem as described here:


Thanks @anarcat it was exactly this problem


Hi @Julien! How did you go about installing a newer kernel on Debian stable? Did you follow a similar process to this wiki page?

How is it going so far? Any showstopping issues?

Hi, I installed the kernel from experimental.
The firmware for i915 were giving me lot of troubles, I recently moved to Fedora. SO I don’t have the exact configuration anymore.

I am typing this from a 12th gen Framework running Debian, and everything seems to work great.

Make sure to check Debian 11 on the Framework Laptop - #84 by John_Grow and https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/FrameWork/12thGen !

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A solution was provided, marking as resolved.

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