[SOLVED] Extensive order ship time on replacement mainboard

I went through the support process for my mainboard a month or so ago and after a week or two of back and forth it was confirmed to be faulty by the support team. I received a message several days later with additional instructions on how to return my existing motherboard, at which point the replacement mainboard appeared on my account with “Order Status Confirmed” on it. That was two weeks ago now. I reached out to the support team to follow up and was told that the part was out of stock currently and they would ship it when they got more. I’ve been out a computer for going on a month now and I’m trying to coordinate trips in several weeks that involve taking my laptop with me, but I’m starting to worry that I’ll need to fork out for a different laptop if the restock time is going to drag on for several more weeks. Is there any ETA I can plan on for a restock of the Ryzen 7 7840HS mainboard?

Hey, I see that the part was shipped couple of hours ago! Thanks for your patience!