[SOLVED] Framework Laptop, Batch 6, monitor shuts off when touching M1 Mac Apple Logo

I noticed some strange behavior (by accident) today where my screen would just shut off (including the power on button light) when I rotated my laptop in a specific direction. Eventually after trial and error, I narrowed it down to only when the Framework Laptop’s center portion of the bottom lid (Around where the CPU mainboard would be I would guess, but also most likely where the LCD panel’s connections may be), touched the M1 Mac’s Apple Logo. The M1 Mac was sleeping and not powered off if that matters. I haven’t tested it with the M1 Mac being completely off. I’m thinking there may be some signal interference somewhere or maybe a lack of insulation in one of the framework laptop’s components.

The screen would (semi-instantly) turn back on when the laptop is moved away from the Mac. I’ve recorded this video as a demonstration:

There’s a lid sensor / magnet on the chassis of the Framework laptop… To the left of the Caps Lock key.

The M1 Mac has a magnet on its lid.

Essentially, you’re activating “lid close” action…by the magnet in the M1 Mac…

And then activating “lid open” action when the magnet is out of range.


same thing happens if you put it on top of a iPad or something. Or a phone.
I woulnd’t say it’s a “intended feature”, but it’s not a malfunction.

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Being triggered by an external magnet is not unique to the FWLT.

Since I came across the annoyance in these forums I’ve had occasion to see it happening with Dell machines and explain it to my customers.

It’s actually an interesting lightbulb moment…


Thanks for confirming everyone, this is good to know :). We can close this thread then.

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It’s allergic to apples


because it’s the anti-macbook?

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Hello! I have a Batch 4 2022 laptop, and was seeing this issue. My girlfriend has a macbook and I was frequently using mine while sitting on top of hers like this. Just commenting cus I’m suprised at how specific this bug report was to my issue. Thank You for reporting fearedbliss, I was feeling crazy!


@dave_justice Np, glad to have helped!

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What that could be annoying is that Apple use a magnetic encoder inside the hinge (itself) to provide the lid angle sensing, so the magnets near the edge isnt even for sensing purposes – it’s to help a shut lid stay shut, because the absence of physical latches of yesteryear. At least the recent versions.

laptop with latches are like, certifiably awesome.

On that note, I had recently discovered the location of the Thinkpad (T14S AMD edition at least) lid sense switch. The magnet is in the base (bottom right edge), while the sensor is in the lid. You can bring your iPad’s right edge to the lid top right and trigger the sensor, but thats more accidental to trigger.

Perhaps Framework can relocate the sense switch to the lid (or perhaps camera PCB module piece) to avoid future accidental triggerings.