[SOLVED] Help - Windows install via USB-C flash

Given the question, there’s a distinction between USB-C and USB 3.

How old is that ISO? i.e. Not all Windows 11 ISO are the same.

Update: SUCCESS!

Arrived at my son’s apt & he had me up within 15 mins.

Answer to ALL the frustration was using a usb actually formatted on a windows machine.


Awesome! It’s surprising how Windows 11 seems to have gotten more difficult to install compared to Windows 8/10.

For the record, Windows 11 will not install on a system with an MBR partition table. You need to use GPT. I suspect that was the issue (which could explain why re-doing it from a Windows machine fixed it)

Hey glad you had success installing windows. Could you mark this topic as solved?

I hope you enjoy your Laptop.


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For the record I had originally tried using GPT & that was unsuccessful as well. Obviously Microsoft was being temperamental & did not like playing with Apple’s software no matter how I tried to bridge the distance between them.

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