SOLVED Input cover wont go on properly on front right side


The screw purposely lifts the input cover to make using the spudger easier. Just tighten the screw.


To prevent it, whenever you loosen the 5 screws to remove the cover, you can “lift” them up to where they are as far removed as they can be.
Should allow the input cover to “lay flat” at each point when re-installing.
But, as @Jake_Richter mentioned, just screw it in, it’s normal.

That one is actually a little more captive than the others, and tries to prevent that.

@Matthew1 if that worked for you, please change the topic title to include “[SOLVED]” - so others can find it.

NB: It’s little touches like this that impress me even more. I fix plenty of laptop models that have captive screws. But only a couple actually use them to lift the door - and I’m pretty sure it’s not by design…

When I was assembling mine, I had the same issue, but it was the screw near the fingerprint sensor.
I think it’s a quirk.

@Joey_Galloway I saw something similar to you on my Framework: the corner near the fingerprint sensor had a slightly larger gap. Then I noticed there’s a cable that runs underneath it which I had to wiggle slightly and push down to make a better fit.

So this bottom right captive screw (as seen from keyboard) never fully comes loose after unscrewing like the others do. I’m looking the screw from the inside and it looks a little different than the others. Is this screw correct? I get why it clicks, it’s just the screw pushing against the threading, clicking every full turn. What do you guys think? Is yours the same?

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Same thing on mine. It doesn’t seem to present any problems though (my input cover attaches fine) so I haven’t done anything about it.

This is intended behaviour. It’s a ‘pusher’ screw that gives the cover a little push to open up a gap so that the spudger can pry the input cover off, should it not lift off on its own.