[SOLVED] KDE Plasma floating menubar blue/glitch AMD

I have installed arch Linux with the vulkan-radeon and lib32-vulkan-radeon drivers on my framework laptop 13 AMD and installed KDE however my menu bar has a blue thing under it. I think it might be related to transparency. Their is also an effect when i select reboot in KDE menu. I have tried adding the kernel parameter amdgpu.sg_display=0 and setting the iGPU to gaming mode but that has not fixed it.

Above the white is displayed as black on the screen.

Hi @Bluefrog922 , welcome to the community.
could it be that you’re just missing some config on arch?
have you tried kubuntu and kde fedora?

Of course We always mention when there is a chance, that our officially supported distributions are Fedora 39/40 and Ubuntu 22.04/24.04 LTS :slight_smile:

I tried fedora KDE live ISO and it had different graphical glitches. Am I installing the right drivers?

What glitches are you seeing on Fedora 40 KDE Live? how does it differ from your arch install?

The speck speaks on the bottom sometimes they appear on my arch install too.

Do they appear on their Gnome counterparts?

I tested regular fedora live and it had no speck.

I fixed it, I compiled the latest dev version of ksvg-git from the aur and it fixed it.

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