[SOLVED] Keyboard backlight wont turn on

Hello all,
Just received my Framework 16 today!
Everthing is mounted and looks to be operating as normal execpt for the keyboard backlight.

I’ve tried the FN+Spacebar multiple times, but nothing lights up.
The numberpad i’ve connected did have backlight the first time i booted the laptop, however everything i pressed a key on the numberpad the light would go brighter or dimmer.
Now it the backlight on the numberpad also stopped working.

What can i do to fix this?

Also 1 USB devices keeps failing (according to Windows), should i try placing only 1 USB extention at once? I did follow the guide.
Currently im using:
1: USB C
2: SDcardreader
3: USB A
4: USB C
6: USB A

Thanks for the help!

Best Regards,

Congrats on getting it! (I’m still waiting, so jealous!)

Have you tried re-seating the keyboard and number-pad? The pogo pins might not be making good contact at the moment.

As for the USB device that’s failing – have you narrowed it down to a specific one?

Not at all sure about this, but if the HDMI card is the one that it’s complaining about, is it in the middle slot on the right? I seem to recall that that one only works in one of the two back slots or in the middle slot on the left.

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How could i forget to check that !
Haha i still used to the idea of removable parts on the laptop, i’ve reseated the keyboard in a different position and the light when on! Then changed it back and thay are still working!

Thank you! Hope you’ll get your soon too!

I’ll be back with an update on the ports, i’ve looked at this page for instructions, but i mixed the upside and the downside of the laptop.

Best regards,


You’re right again, i mixed up the slots…
Little overexcited i guess!
Thanks! This topic can be closed


:laughing: :+1:

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Well I have the same issue… however moving the keyboard to other positions doesn’t solve it. I’ve moved it around, but can’t get it to function in any other position that the central one, and always without backlight…
Any other suggestions? Is there a way to turn it on programatically?

It doesn’t respond to the lighting control tab on keyboard.frame.work?
You have a white backlight keyboard? What OS are you on?