[SOLVED] Laptop 13 not connecting to hotspot

Hello community,
My laptop 13 isn’t connecting to the hotspot on my OnePlus 7T phone. An error message said, “cannot connect to hotspot. No Ethernet set up.” What doe that mean? I remember I had once or twice connected my laptop 13 to the hotspot on OnePlus 7T phone before. Please advise.

Windows can give that error message when you’re trying to share your internet connection from your laptop to other devices (hence the need for an Ethernet connection). I believe the “Mobile Hotspot” section in the Windows settings is for this purpose. Could there be some confusion here? Apologies if this is not what you did. It would be a much stranger bug if you got this error message when simply trying to connect to the WiFi network created by your OnePlus 7T.

@Jacob, thanks for commenting. My goal was to connect the phone hotspot to the laptop so I could use the laptop to do some work on the Internet but that’s when it gave the error message.

But I solved the problem. I needed first to turn on these functions (hotspot and wifi icons) on my phone and then also turn on wifi and Bluetooth icons in my laptop. When I did, my phone Internet connected immediately to the laptop. Thank you.

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