[SOLVED] Laptop randomly signing out

I’ve noticed that my laptop has been randomly signing out and i dont know why exactly.

Hi @Samuel_James,

Operating system? If it’s Linux related, I may be of some help.

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There are often features that auto-sign out if you leave it inactive for too long? Or if it’s on windows, maybe you’re pressing Windows Key + L by accident? Either way this can probably be solved quite easily in settings!

It could also be because there are things that are putting the computer to sleep by actuating the “lid-close” sensor (e.g. a nearby magnetic object)
Or, things like external keyboards/dock, that sometimes have a “sleep” button
It could also be a very simple timeout (e.g.,"after X minute, put the computer to sleep) while also “lock the computer when I return” or something more modern like “lock the computer X minute after I am away”


@Xavier_Jiang Thanks! I think this was the solution. Your help was very appreciated !

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@Xavier_Jiang That was brilliant work! Nicely done!