[SOLVED] Matte screen please! :)

A recommendation I use to combat dust when applying screen protectors for phones:

Do it in the bathroom with the door closed and the shower running with hot water to build up steam/humidity. This will cause dust/particles to fall to the floor.

Also, I plan on ordering a matte screen protector at some time, so here’s a thanks to everyone that’s recommended/tested/etc.!


That’s genius. Thanks for the tip.

I used to thoroughly clean my devices and then do my applications in my past workplace’s molecular cleanroom gowning booth during off hours (technically not a violation of cleanroom protocol!), but last time I was in that building was four years ago so it’s no longer feasible, lol.


Darned it! I was sooo close to order one. Last second during the config I remembered to make sure the screen was matte and not glossy… and found this thread. Dagnabbit! A total must for me. I was really looking forward to not buying another XPS13.


I have seen the light. (pun intended)
I was initially bummed about the lack of a matte option until I realized this.
Having the factory glossy screen is great as I can choose the screen protector.
I opted for the Via Screens matte screen protector and this feels like the perfect laptop now.
It diffuses all of the glare and I can change it out for a privacy screen if I want to.
I’m really glad the framework team stuck to their guns here, the only comment I have might be that they partner with a screen protector company and offer them in the marketplace.


And definitely to each they’re own – I don’t find any reason for a matte finish at all on my framework. I work with a large bay window behind me during the day and a desk light directly above the screen at night. I’ve never once been bothered by the glare and wouldn’t want to trade the fuzziness of a matte screen for the gorgeous crispness of this one.


I bought this MATTE lcd a couple months ago but haven’t been able to use it since my mainboard had issues (Was batch 2 but just got my replacement this morning)

Fits perfectly (Though you will need to remove the “rails” on the original screen and tape them to the new one)

Pics in-coming (Will take a bit to do the original lcd right now, these are the packaging and matte screen, with flash on and by a window)


AliExpress link is dead. :frowning:

Edit: I’m an idiot. Link works great on desktop, not so much on mobile.

Works for me but maybe try a non-shortened link (Just copied)

Hi guys.
I am wondering if there is a product available, thin, transparent and with a matte finish, that could be applied onto the display, like you put a screen protector on top of a cell phone display, eh? non-adhesive, just static cling to hold it, so that it could be removed if desired. any ideas?
Just wanna mention, it seems there is heat projecting from the front of the display. I will have to borrow the IR thermometer from work and let you know what I find out.



Matte screen protector - Framework Laptop - Framework Community

+1 for OEM matte display

+2 for touch

+3 for sunlight readable (600+ nits)

+4 for a chassis that puts all of the above in tablet / 2 in 1 form factor

Yes I can / should DIY finding and mounting the above parts, but it’s be honest we’re buying from F.w for an easy to assemble kit. Hoping F.w it a 3rd party makes such a kit ASAP.



thanks for the link to the topic discussing exactly that.

D.H thx, i dont really understand the +'s.

i dont expect Framework to allocate resources to every idea from their fans/customers. if there is enough interest, a 3rd party will step up.

AFN… regards…


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Kind of tongue in cheek joke. It’s common to see “+1 for this idea!”. I took it a step further by adding emphasis and priorities to my request list…

Am I the only one here that’s never seen a matte display that didn’t look terrible? I have used both matte and glossy screens and as someone who mostly uses my laptop indoors and in my house (where I can control the lighting situation), I find the glossy screens to be far brighter and more vibrant. Not to mention that you can always turn a glossy into a matte, but not the other way around. So I say glossy is the way to go. But I guess I’m in the minority!


I’ve definitely seen some really bad, matte displays. Cloudy and low-contrast.

I do most of my “work” on desktop computers and my two best monitors are matte, not glossy. They both look great to me. Good, accurate color and great clarity. Glossy displays do seem to have slightly better “crispness,” especially at high pixel densities. But I think matte displays can look very good and I slightly prefer them, even inside in “controlled” lighting. I can totally live with a glossy screen, but I’d take a well-done matte screen if given the choice.

I have an Acer desktop monitor that is matte, and a friend has an MSI gaming laptop that is also matte. Both look crisp, clear, not cloudy at all, 350+ nits make it through the anti reflective layer nicely. No speckled dots mixed into colors like you get with aftermarket matte films.

This is true. I also prefer glossy screens to dull hazy matte screens in situations where I can control the lighting around me.

The problem with glossy screens is situations where you can’t control it. Think about offices and classrooms with overhead fluorescent tubes. Those always seem to catch a reflection and obstruct the screen. Or if you’re working outside with the sun or a streetlight behind you.

For me, the glossy screen is something I prefer, but I don’t work in an office. I can see why others using their laptop might want a matte screen.

Created an account just for this issue. I would have purchased a Framework laptop already!

I have a 14" 5th generation Carbon I would like to move on from. Having used Thinkpads all my life matte screens are an absolute must. I’m fine with a 1080 panel, in matte, for battery savings. Please listen to your existing and potential customers!!

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This isn’t the cheapest solution, but @Davy_Bell purchased a matte LCD and installed it in their laptop

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Hhhh! That’s pretty nice! Any follow up from Davy_Bell? I’m curious on how well it’s performing since you purchased it. Has anyone from the Framework team picked one if these up and tested it?

I wonder if Framework will sell me a DIY without the screen?